Nate's Deli


At first sight, I thought this place was a cafe on the inside, a diner on the outside- but there's also a secluded bar. In the corner of Sparks Street lies Nate's Deli, unspoken of by anyone I know unfortunately. It was a bit awkward at first because the place was so empty yet huge. There were 3 divisions of the restaurant which we were able to detect, but barely anyone in any. It was quiet to the point where the camera shutter could be clearly noticed. So I imagine it's more popular for work or family gatherings in the evening. We stayed in the smallest section with bar chairs, wooden tables and ceiling mirrors.

 Although they're known for their meats- hence, "deli", Angela and I went ahead and shared a poutine ($13.99). It was huge. There was literally gravy flowing from the sides. I don't eat poutine that often so I'm not the best judge... but for sure it was flavourful (I like... sodium) which is what matters the most to me. The cheese curds and fries were soft; the amount of gravy made it inevitable but I'm not complaining. The menu's focus is at their meat sandwiches, but they also had a display of cakes and pies which looked appetizing.

Maybe in a larger group, I would come back at a more popular time. They were renovated as of Fall 2014 to create a modern, trendy atmosphere, which to me was a success. This place is very photogenic. So, if you're feeling boujee and hungry, this is the place to hit up. I'll definitely leave an update if I ever go back to try their smoked meat sandwiches that they're known for. Thanks for reading!

Photos edited with Polarr v2.0Photos taken with Sony a5000 & Google Pixel 2

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