No Eye Makeup November


The end of the year is coming. What's better than being able to say you've tried something new? Lash extensions is one of the many opportunities that I do not regret trying. I was hesitant when Jenny Du, my hairstylist who also specializes in Russian volume lashes, asked me if I would like to try lash extensions. She has been trained and certified by London Lash Pro in the UK. But since she specializes in Russian volume extensions, a more voluminous and full style, it took me time to decide I wanted to get my lashes done with her. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the extent I could customize my lash extensions and quickly fell in love with the results.

Some of you may have considered getting lash extensions done before so I'm writing this entry today to document my experience and share it to those who are curious about the procedure, my thoughts, and the results. We started off with a brief consultation session where I told my lash technician I'd prefer natural looking lash-extensions. I showed her multiple pictures of classic sets, a style she was not trained in. However, Jenny was still able to gladly accommodate my requests. She suggested CC curls, with the longest length being 13mm and the shortest length being 9mm. My natural lashes are somewhat long but they are really thin and droopy. I wanted a style that'd make my eyes look bigger, so we decided that the longer lengths would be applied to the middle of my lash line and the shorter lengths would be applied in the ends. The volume level ranges from 3D to 15D, 15D having the most volume. I went with a mix of 4D and 5D volume, 9mm - 13mm and CC curls as she suggested.

The service took place in her home studio. The whole process, as expected, took roughly three hours. As usual, I didn't do much research before deciding to try this. Jenny informed me that getting a chemical burn is possible if I opened my eyes during the procedure. Naturally, I kept my eyes closed during the whole three hours with no problem. The whole procedure was painless; feels like your lashes are being played with. My eyes didn't feel irritated but during the later half of the procedure, my left eye started tearing up. That made no long-term difference in the result, but Jenny had to use a handheld fan to dry them up so they wouldn't clump while she was still applying it. I dislike the feeling of falsies; this was something different. You can't feel they're there. Before getting lash extensions, be prepared to avoid hot showers, mascara, oil-based makeup removers and rubbing your eyes for the three to four weeks they last. 

Maintenance is an important factor which decides how long the lashes will look as good as they did the first week. My lash technician provided me with baby shampoo, disposable applicator wands and disposable mascara brushes for maintenance. During the first 12 hours, lash extensions must be kept dry or else the glue bond may break and cause the lash extensions to fall off. But after, it is important to clean your extensions every night to remain fluffy and avoid bacterial build-up. One key thing which I had issues with was eye rubbing. I am a major eye rubber. Rubbing my eyes just make me feel relieved after a long day, it's more of a de-stressing thing than a physical need too. When I'm conscious it's easy enough to avoid this bad habit. But until I got lash extensions, I never realized that I rubbed my eyes in my sleep. I'd wake up with lashes semi-detached or flipped upside down. Sometimes after waking up, my extensions were bent out of place too. Aesthetically, they also emphasize my dark circles in certain lighting. But... the pros outweigh the cons! Though in the future, I would only get lash extensions for special occasions. 

I love the look of my lash extensions. They're mascara's results without my effort. Because my natural lashes are so sparse, the style I went for makes me look extra even when I'm bundled underneath my winter coat with a scarf on. However, it's natural-looking enough in a way where falsies aren't. I haven't worn any eye makeup yet but feel just as pretty. Other than being a huge confidence booster, it saves the time of getting ready in the morning because I'm skipping mascara and eyeliner. And of course, I'd like to give a huge thanks to Jenny Du for once again not failing to impress me with her talents. Believe it or not, she replaces her lash glue before it even expires to maintain the best quality because that's just how much she cares for her clients! If you're interested in booking with her, you may contact her here. I hope you learned something new from this blog post, and maybe try that something new too if you haven't. Thank you for reading~   

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