Time for Change


Finally! After years of talking about wanting to get my hair dyed, I did it. I never considered going to a hair salon in my life. If I needed a hair cut, I'd ask my mother. If I needed to trim my bangs, I'd do it by myself. Hair dying was different however. My mother, who used to be a hair stylist back in the day, always seemed so against it because it's unnatural, expensive, and high maintenance. She wasn't completely wrong but... When I don't write things down I forget by the time friends come to me asking me for advice so here's to document my experience.

Let's start with the reason why I got my hair dyed. My talented mutual, Jenny, who I had been following on Instagram for a while needed a model for her hair school exam. I thought I was a suitable candidate because my hair is long and virgin, so I was her second/back-up model. The goal was ash-brown with babylights but I backed out of that idea after the third session. That's why I currently have a warm brown ombre which I think suits my skin tone more. My natural hair is also a lot to work with. I remember the first session taking roughly half an hour just to section it. 

Before stepping in her academy, I had never got my hair professionally done before so I wasn't sure what to expect. She told me in advance that it'll be four sessions, three sessions being bleaching. I familiarized myself with a lot of terms which may be useful to those reading this who have no experience or prior knowledge and want to dye their hair. If you're not curious, feel free to skip the next paragraph... And If you know more than me just slide into my DM's and tell me what I can correct.

Lifting is a term used to describe the process of lightening hair on a scale from 1-10, 1 being the darkest and 10 being the lightest. My natural hair is level 2 with the tips being level 3 because all those split ends... Toning is the process of neutralizing unwanted brassy colours in hair. It's what makes brassy blonde become ashy blonde. For me it was done with dye and purple shampoo. Everyone keeps telling me to use purple shampoo. It was used for me in the salon and I recently purchased one from Winners for at-home use. Olaplex is line of products which prevent damage by strengthening bonds when bleaching hair. Olaplex No3 is a hair perfector, which is taken home by the client. The other two are for salon-use only. 

Alright, so no one told me I'd be sitting for four hours with aluminum foil dividers in my hair barely being able to lift my head up but OK. The process was lengthy, smelt toxic... But mostly relaxing and enjoyable because Jenny. I brought my study notes and phone charger. Jenny was kind enough to keep me entertained. But just having her do my hair made me really sleepy. My favourite part though, was getting my hair washed after waiting for the bleach to sink in. I blow dried and combed my own hair or else it would've taken forever. At home I use two blow dryers. We wouldn't have time to style my hair because the academy closed at six. Every. Session. We'd. Finish. Last. 

The process about six weeks. The first session, I left the salon with a warm brown with hues of orange. For the second session, I was left for a week with a brighter brown colour. Underneath my hair were blond strands that resembled peekaboo highlights. After the third session, I was pretty much half blonde. The baby lights were noticeable at this point and there was still some black, brown and orange sections. It looked messy until I curled it and that was when I decided I don't want to go lighter. Thank my hair stylist for being so understanding! For the fourth session, it was toned down with dye to a dark brown. I was a bit shocked at first because I hadn't seen myself with dark hair for almost a month! But... it grew on me. 

Alright, so here's the list of the products I needed for maintaining my hair at home: Amika Triple Rx Mask, Olaplex No3, Wella Colour Touch in 7/81 & 6/73, level 10 developer and purple shampoo. I used the hair mask for two washes between my sessions and the Olaplex No3 once every two weeks. On a surface level, my hair became smoother than my natural virgin hair, which to me was unnecessary. However, I continued usage to chemically repair my hair bonds. I noticed after three washes that my hair became a lighter shade. I wanted to tone it down back to the original dark brown colour I came out with in session four so I'll be purchasing the hair dyes and developer for at home touch-ups. 

Lastly, I want to thank Jenny for doing such an amazing job dying my hair. I've received so many compliments after every session even after she continuously reminded me to tell everyone commenting on my hair that it was still a work in progress. I know very well how thick and stubborn my hair is so I was impressed she had the patience to deal with it. If she can do that I'm sure she can do anything, so feel free to contact her if you're looking for a hair stylist who will take care of your hair! Thank you for reading~

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