February Ice Cream at Moo Shu


It's February and that means Moo Shu icecream re-opens! I initially discovered this independent business because of their matcha cheesecake but I was spoiled with a lot more. Moo Shu Ice Cream is known for their unique ice cream flavours made in small batches. If you're in Centretown, this is where you can pick up a pint of Hong Kong Milk Tea, Fruit Loops Cereal Milk or Vegan Coconut w/ Blueberry & Fig ice cream. Any flavour you can think of, they have probably already churned up in their kitchen. Moo Shu serves icecream in the form of truffles & sandwiches too!

Since it was February, ice cream was served in pints instead of the regular scoops. That being said, my friends all got different flavours so we could try a bit of each. My favourite out of the four flavours we chose would be the Hong Kong Milk Tea. I was hoping to try the Good Morning Yuzu & Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice creams too, but that can be saved for another visit. And if you're not someone who has a sweet tooth, no worries– they have Miso Ume Pork Wontons & Vegan Mapo Tofu available for lunch. I chose to go with the Miso Ume Pork Wontons & they were delicious.

The service was attentive & the atmosphere was peaceful. (Maybe because not that many customers are willing to drop by at this time of the year...) I will definitely be stopping by to try the flavours I've missed but also what's to love about Moo Shu Ice Cream is that you'll always come back to something new. If you haven't been to Moo Shu Ice Cream yet, it's worth a visit. Thanks for reading!

(Counter clock-wise from top) Lime Leaf + Fresh Mint, Hong Kong Milk Tea, Matcha Green Tea, London Fog.

Photos taken with Sony a5000
Photos edited with Polar v2.0

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